New Projects and Expansion

Great news!  I am thrilled to announce that Sonny is now offering licensed home inspections in Western and Middle Tennessee.  Due to our central location, he can provide inspections to a large area of Tennessee.  We are now advertising in a broader area.  Of course, this applies to our design service as […]


How to Prepare for a home inspection 3

How to Prepare for a home inspection: Seller Preparation: Make repairs of known issues ahead of time Clean the house thoroughly Have the home ready on time Make keys available Keep utilities connected Keep pilot lights lit Clear workspace around systems like the electric panel and the HVAC unit Provide […]

Who needs Remodeling Design and Consultation?

Who needs Remodeling Design and Consultation?  Dissatisfied Home Owners – Those who want to change a certain area of their home but have trouble visualizing how to improve it.   Undecided Renovators – Those who would like to see options before making choices about their remodel   Home Buyers – […]

Who needs a Home Inspection?

Who needs a Home Inspection? Home Buyers – To make an informed decision about the largest investment you will likely make Home Sellers – To prepare a home for sale and make your home more marketable Home Owners – For preventative maintenance Real Estate Agents – To ensure your listings […]